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Hmmmm...weird MS would say this but hey...MS does WANT you to run Linux on IT'S platform!

This is one of those sites you just need to bookmark ESPECIALLY if you are an Exchange or Mail Admin of any kind.

The server business for the most part is a commodity business, with similar motherboards, processors, memory modules, power supplies and connectivity options. This commoditization will only get more, well, commoditized as new form factors such as One Compute, which calls for even more standardization for fast-growing Web data centers, catches on.

I know more and more Admin's are looking at this as a way to alleviate some of the load, infrastructure cost, and support costs associated with supporting an active directory infrastructure so, this article might be worth a read for some of you. 

I am, possibly  looking at an Exchange Admin job and I have been playing around with multiple exchange servers (Edge transport, SMTP frontend, exchange 2010 mixed with Exchange 2012) and I came across this article and thought some of you might be looking at doing this. 

Ya know, Windows Server 2012 really is the best of the MS Server line. I know, it's supposed to be but the things you can do with just ONE server client is pretty amazing!

Hmmm... some nice enhancements coming.

This is a pretty cool 'feature' you can use to either send legit messages to the folks on the network or screw with them with something like 'Hey... VAMPIRES ARE INVADING THE COMPANY!' Might not have a job afterward but it would still be funny as hell!

If you are one of the MANY companies who need to add and then manage iOS devices within your AD and simply do not know how, this article should help.

Good article on how to manage the Windows Server 2012 Firewall.

EVERY Windows Admin should look at this package.

A good article for you Sys Admins who need help, or just a better understanding, on how to setup the edge transport correctly.

This is not a true 'Service pack' in the true sense of the word, but more of a 'roll-up' of all the software released to update Exchange 2013 so far.

DNS to Exchange is like comparing what money is to a hooker... BOTH need it and require it!