Chromecast for the road warrior!

Hmmm... a pretty good idea using this device for presentations. 

Aside from its consumer appeal, however, might Chromecast also have value for business uses inside enterprises? Or, at least, could it catch on with tech-savvy individual sales personnel or BYOD-friendly executives who might need a mobile gadget to project a slide show or video presentation to a larger HD monitor while on a client visit?

The 2-in. Chromecast device would be easy enough to carry along on a business trip: Just open a Chrome browser to a tab with a sales presentation or other document on just about any fast laptop running Mac or Windows. Then, plug the Chromecast dongle into the HDMI port of an HD display, and plug in power from the USB-ready cord provided with Chromecast. A Wi-Fi connection is also needed.

With its initial release, Chromecast supports streaming content from Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and Google Play Music from an iOS or Android device. Also, now in beta, users with a fast laptop running Windows, Mac or Chrome OS with the Chrome browser can use the Chromecast to show content inside of a Chrome tab to the HD display. Google also seems on course in future rollouts to make the content in a Chrome browser tab stream to an HD display from any Android or iOS device as well. 

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