DDR DRAM FAQs And Troubleshooting Guide

This is one of those guides that you never really think of reading. The only time you actually think of reading one of these types of guides is when you're trying to troubleshoot your system and you've checked everything, and I mean everything, and then it's kind of dawns on you that "hey, maybe it's my memory."

DRAM is probably one of the least understood computer components. Questions, arguments and debates abound, as do myths and misrepresentations. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to address the most commonly asked questions we hear, and to debunk some of the myths. Granted, parts of this are subjective and open to debate, which I welcome. I will quantify assertions where I can. Some of the items will also include suggestions and how-to information.

This started as a straightforward piece and has continued to grow, so we are breaking it into two pieces. The first will touch on frequently asked questions. The second will look primarily at myths that are often presented as facts. Most of these are based on topics that can get you into trouble, both in trying to set up a rig as well as financially.

We expect that readers will skip around, so some of the information might get repeated. If there are subjects you think we missed, or other answers you think would be helpful, let me know in the forums or the comments below. We will update this document periodically to keep the answers fresh.

In putting this together, I approached members of the forums, my clients, DRAM and motherboard manufacturers, IT folks with whom I network and other builders, and I also received input from those who read my “DDR3 Memory: What Makes Performance Better?”

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