Back up your PC's files for free with these 3 tools

I have been SCREAMING this for years! BACKUP your stuff! It's boring. It takes up a LOT of space but as I recently learned, it's SO worth it and having some free tools to do it makes it a little bit easier to get going.

Built-in trackpad gestures are getting beefed up in Windows 10. During TechEd Europe on Tuesday, Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group vice president Joe Belfiore debuted a few new touchpad gestures coming to the Windows 10 preview in the coming weeks.

Windows 8 and 8.1 already offer a number of gestures for PC users such as pinch to zoom and pan and scroll, but some of the more useful trackpad shortcuts—such as fast app switching—are still missing. Not for long!

The impact on you at home: After inspiring horror and outrage from mouse-and-keyboard PC users with Windows 8, Microsoft is piling on the goodies for desktop types in Windows 10. Windows 10 already includes support for multiple desktops, the Start menu (albeit reinvented), and the new task view. Now you’re going to be able to use Mac-ish trackpad gestures in Windows 10—which, of course, helps to further blur the line between traditional computing and touch-based interfaces. 

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