How To Create Your Custom LinkedIn Profile URL - And How To Use It

Ya know, I'm kinda shocked at how much email I get from LinkedIn. Maybe I should do this.

If you have a LinkedIn profile — and I certainly hope you do — you’re going to want to let people know about it. You can do that easily by sharing the website address (URL) of your LinkedIn profile. The only problem is that the URL LinkedIn assigns to your profile will not be a pretty one.

Until you create your customized LinkedIn profile URL, your LinkedIn profile is going to have a gnarly URL attached to it, full of numbers and letters.

You have to create your own customized LinkedIn profile URL in order to use your LinkedIn profile in your branding.

Luckily it’s easy to create your own LinkedIn profile URL. If you have a common name, you might have to modify your name in the URL. Here’s how your customized LinkedIn profile URL will look:

See how to do it here. 

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