3 Things Every Startup CEO Should Remember To Stay Humble

Not bad... not bad at all.

It's interesting that in a startup, you can go from a recent college graduate to a CEO overnight. Forget climbing the ladder, instead go straight to the top. Sounds like a pretty good deal doesn't it?

While this may seem great at first, leading a company for the first time quickly becomes harder and less glamorous than you think. One of the greatest challenges is to not let your title get to your head. It's easy to adopt a certain mentality when you're the leader of a startup. You start to feel that you can be more authoritative with teammates, and call all the shots. Many times, can feel that you are on a pedestal and in someway better than your teammates. It's these CEOs who destroy their companies through their ego.

To remain levelheaded, never forget the three points below. Whenever I feel that my title is making me egotistical, I use these three reminders to bring me back to earth. 

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