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My wife was asking me about this software since her company wants to put their ORG Charts in Sharepoint for easier editing and make it access based for just those in her organization.

I read up on it and it seems like something other folks would want to look at getting. The price point is not that high (750.00) which seems like a bargain for what it does. Just something I found cool and wanted to pass along. 

SharePointOrgChart is used within companies to help facilitate communication within their organizations.

What are the features?

- Search and navigate your organization to find the person you need
- Displays secretaries, PA’s and team assistants
- Use conditional formatting to highlight important information
- Setup wizard simplifies configuration
- Show vacant or temporary positions on the chart
- Export to Excel and print organization charts to PDF
- Draw charts from Active Directory, CSV files, SharePoint lists, SQL databases or the User Profile Service 

Check it out here.

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