Quickly remap your PC drives with Drive Letter Changer

I actually have a need for this little utility.

Utilities developer Sordum has released Drive Letter Changer, a portable tool which allows you to reassign PC drive letters in two or three clicks.

The program is small (a single executable under 400KB) and has a very basic interface: mostly just a table with a list of your current drive letters, their labels and names.

Click a drive you’d like to reassign, and a context menu appears immediately. Hovering your mouse over "Change drive letter" displays a list of possible drive letters, and all you have to do is click one.

Error handling is mostly good. You’re not allowed to change your system drive letter. And if you try to assign one local drive to another, which is currently in use, then you’re not told that’s impossible (which NirSoft’s similar DriveLetterView does); instead the drives are swapped.

Read the review and get some!

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