Introducing Connectify 9.3!

I have been saying this all year... this is the BEST piece of software for the Road Warrior BAR NONE!

Being able to use Connectify and Dispatch to not only share out that high-speed wi-fi but, you can also merge MULTIPLE connections (Hotel Wireless and your phones data plan merged together anyone?) into one "pipe" and really get all the bandwidth you deserve is just BITCHEN (yes... yes I said BITCHEN!) is the best part of this sofware package!

Love this software! LOVE IT!

Connectify 9.3 Release Notes

    Fix incorrect identification of Wi-Fi adapters as not supporting Hosted Network
    Add warning when Hotspot is being broadcast in 5GHz mode
    Better IP/Gateway selection on complex network setups
    Improve compatibility with adapters that have adaptive MTUs
    Further stability and reporting improvements

Read more... get it here!

Last modified on Friday, 19 December 2014 13:01

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