Personal Backup

Very cool! This backup program will allow you backup your files, pretty much anywhere, allowing them to be safe and sound for the long haul. Oh... and it's free!

Would you like to control the way your backup program performs its tasks? Would you like to back up your files onto local drives, removable drives or servers? Would you like to achieve these free of charge? Then Personal Backup is your ideal choice. The free backup software will help you save your files to any destination folder you like. The program will also help you make multiple backups without unnecessarily storing duplicate files, as it only saves new files and newer versions of files already backed up.

Personal Backup Features:

- Wizard for creating new backup tasks
- Backs up complete directory structures
- Accommodates as many configurable backup tasks as the user wants
- Ability to set automatic backups or start backups on demand
- Many backup options
- Backing up via FTP 

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