Connectify Hotspot 2015 (Update 1) - Windows 10 Compatible - Sale time! Save 75%!

I'm not sure you all knew this but the update from the folks at Connectify in July is Windows 10 compatible! 

I know I have spoken about this software a decent amount on the site but as I sit here typing this I am using Connectify Hotspot in a hotel with my phone and iPad ALL talking to my laptop allowing me to save my company 10.00 a day in hotel internet fee's! 

I realize most of you who travel would get reimbursed for your internet fee's while traveling for your company (as do I) but, having all of my devices connected to my laptop behind my a pretty secure device makes me feel more secure (you connect WPA2-PSK encryption) but also the convenience of just having to startup Connectify and all my devices start talking to it is really nice. 

You can check out Connectify here. I really, really believe those who travel would benefit from having this terrific piece of software. 

Oh, and it seems the folks at Connectify have a terrific sale going on right now. You can save up to 75% off the software! Damn! That's a pretty damn good deal! 

Lately, a lot of you have been writing us via email and social media, concerned about whether you’ll be able to use Connectify Hotspot once you upgrade to Windows 10. Well, we’ve got good news! As of today’s update, Connectify Hotspot 2015.1 has full Windows 10 compatibility. This release is also fully-compatible with Speedify 3 for PC, the upcoming release of our next-generation Internet connection aggregation service.

Release Notes
•Full Windows 10 Compatibility
•Change display of Bridging option to differentiate ‘Routed vs Bridging’ methods of sharing Internet with clients
•Fix for ‘Wired Router’ sharing detection of Ethernet port state on some Ethernet adapters
•Speedify 3 Compatibility
•Stability improvements 

Read more and get the software here. 

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