NirSoft’s AdvancedRun is a supercharged Windows 'Run' box

This is something I am getting right now!

NirSoft has released AdvancedRun, a free tool for launching programs with custom user, priority, CPU affinity, window size and state, compatibility settings, environment and more.

Whatever settings you define can be used just once, or saved for reuse in shortcuts or scripts.

The highlight feature is probably AdvancedRun’s ability to run a program as another user.

In a click or two you can run a program as SYSTEM, giving it more rights to access files or Registry keys. There are options to run it as the current user, with or without elevation, to run it as an Administrator, even as the owner of some specified process.

Window-related options allow programs to be launched with a custom state (hidden, maximized, minimized), position or size.

The ability to set process priority and CPU affinity may help to improve performance or reduce a program’s impact on your system.


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