Radeon Software Crimson is here: AMD loads next-gen drivers with killer features

Damn! Looks like AMD has some pretty cool stuff in this release.

With high-bandwidth memory in the bag and cutting-edge processor technology finally appearing on the horizon for graphics cards—all GPUs have been stuck on 28nm since late 2011—AMD’s gearing up for a major fight against Nvidia in 2016. But the nuts, bolts, and transistors are only part of the equation with modern-day graphics cards; the recently created Radeon Technologies Group is rolling out the rebuilt-from-the-ground-up software Radeon Software Crimson to accompany the new breed of AMD hardware.

AMD’s first tease of Crimson was a run-through of the slick new Radeon Settings hub designed to replace Catalyst Control Center. (R.I.P.) At the time, AMD revealed some of the overt new features in Radeon Settings, such as per-game OverDrive overclocking settings and one-click Eyefinity multi-monitor configuration. On Tuesday, AMD’s unwrapping the deeper-level goodies in Radeon Software Crimson—with handy features for new and old graphics cards alike—and pushing the drivers live so you can try them out for yourself.

Let’s take a look at what’s on tap. And remember: These new tricks build atop the features already introduced in Catalyst Omega and the Catalyst 15.7.1 drivers released in the past year, so you’ll still find goodies like Virtual Super Resolution and FullHD to UltraHD Video Scaling intact.

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