Sysinternals Autoruns 13.71

Yesterday I put up a link to the Nirsoft Software package which shows (and can execute) all the utilities Nirsoft has to offer. I love Nitsoft utilities as a few of them have saved my bacon more than once.

That said, if you work in the Windows World at any level their is no better set of utilities than Sysinternals.

Sysinternals comprehensive package of utilities allows you to see deeper into the Windows OS than most other tools on the market and it's free from MS. (click here for ALL the tools! You want to download the Sysinternals Suite)

Autoruns is one of the utilities in the Sysinternals package and might be, in my opinion one of the most important ones. 

Example: When you fire-up Autruns you will see multiple tabs. Each tab represents everything from: Everything - everything starting or being called to start when you login to your PC to individual Tab'd areas such as Drivers (I think you will be amazed at the amount of drivers it takes to get to the desktop of ones PC\laptop), to CODECS installed. Basically, anything and everything that starts on your computer is listed in here and can be manipulated in various ways. 

Even if you are not a seasoned PC veteran you can at least look at what it takes to get a PC up and running. 

Terrific "eye opening" utility. 

If you would like more - click here.

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