Surface Pro 3 Long-Term Review: Microsoft Proves It's Third Time Lucky

Yeah, I've heard some pretty good things about the 3. I think I'll wait for the 4 to come out.

Launched in May 2014, the Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s third incarnation of the slate-like Windows 8 device. Following on from the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 designs, the Surface Pro 3 takes on board many of the criticisms of the first two designs to build a better machine and adds in some brand new problems to keep things fair.

The Surface Pro 3 also benefits from a better focus from Microsoft’s design team about who the Surface Pro 3 is targeted at. For all the advertising and marketing, the Surface Pro 3 has a narrower target audience and the device is all the better for it. It makes for a machine which understands why it exists, and that (in turn) improves the all-round acceptance of the device.

By sacrificing a touch of utility and not trying to appease everyone, the Surface Pro 3 becomes a much better machine.

I’ve been living with a Surface Pro 3 for the last few months (the ‘middle of the portfolio’ Intel i5 unit with  4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage), and it’s time to talk about this intriguing, interesting, inventive, and innovative, machine.


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