Microsoft to introduce $149 low cost laptops to combat Chromebooks

No kidding... Hmmm...

In an attempt to put a hold on Chromebook sales, Microsoft is working on two laptop models that will compete with Chromebook in both usability and price. Microsoft already has a hardware unit that is into manufacturing Surface convertibles. They are now working on laptops with good features so that they can cut into the market of Chromebooks.

Chromebook usage almost tripled the just ended fiscal year compared to previous fiscal year. Chromebooks are better than any other netbook because they are just netbooks and nothing more. With a decent price range and smoother functioning, they have been the choice of most educational institutions that cannot afford laptops.

To counter Google Education that is compatible with Chromebooks, Microsoft is already offering Office 365 free for all the students worldwide. And now, they will be providing lightweight laptops in a while. At the moment Microsoft is looking to produce the laptops in a low range cost bracket that students can afford. The laptops will cost in the bracket of $149 to $179 and given other features are as competitive, the Microsoft laptops will outperform Chromebooks.

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