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SMB - Microsoft Surface Membership

For all you small to medium businesses, this is an option you really might want to consider.

Well this has to be welcome news to a lot of Surface users.

It pulls in more than $1 billion in quarterly revenue!

Well, hopefully the Wi-Fi issues I have been reading about with the new Surface Pro 3 will be taken care of.

Tomorrow in New York, Microsoft is holding a Surface-themed event that was expected for a time to include the unveiling of a new, smaller Surface device – the Surface Mini as it was dubbed by the media.

Surface 2 is YUMMY! Why just last night I had one... in my lap... and it was terrific!

Hmmm... might sell a few.
Last fall, Microsoft officials said to expect the company to make available an LTE-enabled version of the Surface 2 in early 2014.

Microsoft jerks Surface Pro 2 firmware update

Uh-Oh... bet a few people are... upset. 

The Microsoft Holiday Store is now LIVE and has some KILLER deals!

Well... if this happened to you... here ya go!