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Hmmmm... Well, I'm going to have to get a new laptop this year and I'm leaning towards a Surface tablet but I might wait and see if we see Surface 4 this year.

Yeah, I've heard some pretty good things about the 3. I think I'll wait for the 4 to come out.

Well, this has to be good news for a lot of folks.

How does something SO IMPORTANT get past QA? Seriously... how?

Surface Pro 3 Review!

Have you seen the TV commercials MS has been putting out stating the Surface Pro 3 can replace your laptop?

Here's the thing... I have so many tablets I have no idea how I could fit this one in.

Might be worth a trip to the store.

Surface Pro 3 - A Solid Review.

I like reviews where folks actually use the tablet as one of us would use it. How is the performance? How is the battery life? Does the Core i5 version suck as bad as I think it would in Photo Shop?

Umm... yeah... something you should probably know.