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LOL! Oh Apple. You make me belly laugh sometimes.

Sixteen technology companies today teamed up to officially support Apple in its ongoing encryption dispute with the FBI, a copy of which has been shared by Apple. Twitter, Airbnb, eBay, LinkedIn, Square, Atlassian, Automattic, Cloudflare, GitHub, Kickstarter, Mapbox, Meetup, Reddit, Squarespace, Twilio, and Wickr filed an amicus brief [PDF] backing Apple's assertion that the FBI's use of the All Writs Act to force Apple to help the government unlock the iPhone used by San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook is both unprecedented and dangerous.

Virtual reality has the potential to transform PC gaming in ways not seen since 3D acceleration became affordable in the late 1990s. While we don’t recommend pre-ordering either an Oculus or Vive until reviews and performance data are both available, we’re still excited about the long-term potential for the medium. For now, however, that medium is going to be Windows-only.

This is an interesting debate. My wife is on the side of the FBI. Personally, I fall on the side of Apple. Sorta. 

How To Jailbreak Your iOS 9 iPad Or iPhone

Not sure I would want to do this...but...some of you might.

Apple rushes out iOS 9.0.2 - Fixes Stuff

I still have not updated. Still waiting to see if all of the little bugs are fixed.

If you happened to upgrade here are some tricks you might be interested in.

Let the fight begin...
Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) to climb even further on the rumored Titan Electric Vehicle project has now poached a Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) engineer to design an automobile even faster. According to a LinkedIn posting, the company has recruited one of the senior engineers at Tesla to develop an expert team of automobile engineers at the Apple, Inc. This shows how quickly Cupertino giant wants to create one of its self-driving vehicles.