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This is really cool! I really like the look of this tablet. Not sure I will be getting one but still... looks good.

Apple iOS - Action Buttons!

No kidding! I have to look at my iPad and see if I can get some action out of it. It just kinda lays there like it has nothing to do!

Damn... sounds like a few folks are not happy with the new iPads they bought for the kids.

Sounds to me like Apple might need to re-think it's price point.

Hmmmm... I'm going to sit this one out. I have last years and I am VERY happy with it.

Do you itch after using your iPad?

Ya know... it's amazing how we are so attached to our gadgets we are willing to get sick, have phones explode in our pockets, and now it looks like get rashes from the nickle in the iPad.

No S***! I am getting one!
I have the 128 GB iPad and I STILL need more room!

Cool! I am updating now! 
Microsoft has finally added the printing feature to its very popular Office for iPad. This used to be the most disappointing aspect of the suite that most analysts had called impressive. 

Microsoft Launches Office for iPad

Damn... must install.
Microsoft on Thursday launched Office for iPad as a free suite of its flagship productivity software for Office 365 subscribers using Apple's tablet.

Microsoft launches Office for iPad

Microsoft's Satya Nadella, in his first press event as CEO, took the wraps off Microsoft's long-rumored Office on iPad suite.