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**Clear Throat** - Um... what did I say? Wait for the first service pack\update. Did I not say that?

Well, this has to be good news for a lot of folks.

So... this is the back of the iPad Air 2... huh... really expected more. Will not be upgrading this time around. Still love my new one I got last year.

How does something SO IMPORTANT get past QA? Seriously... how?

Well, hopefully the Wi-Fi issues I have been reading about with the new Surface Pro 3 will be taken care of.

Have you seen the TV commercials MS has been putting out stating the Surface Pro 3 can replace your laptop?

Here's the thing... I have so many tablets I have no idea how I could fit this one in.

So... so some you might be wondering why Silent Tod and I post HP news.

Might be worth a trip to the store.

Umm... yeah... something you should probably know.

Damn good looking tablet (PC?)
Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3 yesterday and the device is now up for pre-order, but in order to make everyone aware that a new tablet is available, the company also published a video showcasing its key capabilities.

No S***! I am getting one!
I have the 128 GB iPad and I STILL need more room!

Sweet! This is truly something those of you who need a tablet might really consider. A 64 bit OS will preform better than the standard x64.

Huh... looks cool at least! 
HP may be about to launch its second Android laptop, this time with a 14-inch display. 

Surface 2 is YUMMY! Why just last night I had one... in my lap... and it was terrific!