UtechSmart Uranus MMO/FPS High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse w/ 50 to 16400 DPI $27.99

Two days only! I post this for those who are now looking at their mouse wonder aloud "hmmm... I wonder of this can be used as a beer opener?" A backup mouse is ALWAYS appreciated.

The UtechSmart Uranus MMO/FPS Metal Base Gaming Mouse is outfitted with 16400DPI High Precision Laser Sensor that shifts the balance between the keyboard and mouse with its 13 MMO-optimized buttons, as well as 5 Savable Memory Profiles & 8-Piece Weight Tuning Set, get ready to win with the UtechSmart Uranus MMO/FPS Metal Base Gaming mouse Uncompromising, unparalleled, and unmatched. 

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Da Boss!

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