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So, this morning I awoke to what was a clatter. I sprang from my bed to see what the hell was the matter. Away to my computer I sprinted like the Mad Hatter. I sat down, logged in and found what was the matter!

I cannot even begin to tell you how mugh I have used this program over the last 6 months.

I'm not sure you all knew this but the update from the folks at Connectify in July is Windows 10 compatible! 

Introducing Connectify 9.3!

I have been saying this all year... this is the BEST piece of software for the Road Warrior BAR NONE!

As I awoke this AM I thought to myself:
"Self..." I said.... "I hope a software program you truly love gets updated today!"

Introducing Connectify 7.3!

YES! Love me some updates!

So, let me ask you: Are you looking to start your own company?

So... the folks over at Connectify, which as I have stated NUMEROUS times here as being arguably one of the best companies I have seen come out of the software world in a hell of a long time, have a new video out.

Welp... a new day gets you a new release of one of my favorite pieces of software ever!

Well, the folks over at, the makers of the highly anticipated Switchboard program have pulled the plug on their Kickstart program but, don't dispare something good came out of it, kinda like those pharmaceutical companies who discovered Viagra... that product came to be by accident.