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Do you like to read? ME TOO! When I read about this page I thought to myself: "Self, this is something you should share!" So. I am!

As it should be. I truly believe (if this is actually true here in North America) MS is doing the right thing.

The 17 best free PC games

I believe every website has a list of "best FREE games..." as they believe they have the best list.

30 best free apps for Android

So, I like these articles as I usually find one or even TWO apps I had no idea existed.

Hmmm...some pretty cool ones!
There are times when you need to do something over and over again on the computer which is very time consuming and tedious. One simple example is the need to transfer a lot of data from an Excel spreadsheet into a database management system (DMBS) and it cannot import the data from the XLS file. Instead of hiring a team of people to do the data input or a programmer to write a custom importer, you can actually rely on a piece of “Macro” software to automatically do it for you.

Damn... some pretty good games here.

We say "thank you" with free games

Playing now....
Games with Gold: free games through the end of the year. You know the drill. For the rest of 2013, we're giving you two free Xbox 360 games a month.*

The Best Free Firewalls!

Free is what it is... free and, while a free firewall is better than no firewall at all remember... IT'S FREE and might come with some strings attached.

This is VERY cool of Apple to do (cause you know the developers are not doing this) so, make sure you get your FREE stuff!