win 10 creators ud cornerNeed to get ready for the Windows 10 Creators update? - Click here!

Only 15 hours left so if you want one you better hurry!

Damn... has me thinking about getting one.
Check out the tech deal here!

Well, it's back! If you are in the market to get rid of the cable modem you are paying... what... 10.00 a month for from your local cable company you might want to get in on this WOOT deal.

Damn... some really good prices for some of the refurbished stuff including refurb. Ultimate Stealth KB's for under 100.00.

Well now, I have been looking for a watch other than my Pathfinder for while now and I think I found it.

This is a pretty solid deal.

So, the wonderful folks over at are selling, not get this... a MACbook for 1600.00 and some change! 

IT'S A WOOT OFF! (my favorite...)

This is one of my favorite things the folks over at WOOT do.