Raised By Krump

“Raised by Krump” explores the LA-born dance movement “krumping,” and how the dance has helped the lives of some of the area’s most influential dancers.

"Raised by Krump" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/raised-by-krump

Christopher ”Worm” Lewis
Marquisa ”Miss Prissy” Gardner
Willie Chris ”Fudd” Hodge
Brenden Hodge
Lynnden Hodge
Tight Eyez

Directed, edited and graded by : Maceo Frost
Produced by BWGTBLD & Made By Forest

Executive Producer: Jesper Pålsson
Producer: Filip Kiisk
Director of Photography: Robin Asselmeyer
Production Manager: Filippa Edenbro
Original Music Score: Almkvist - ( https://soundcloud.com/almkvist )
Additional Music: Damon Frost and Tha Image
Sound: Jorge Olivares, At The Lab Sweden

Special thanks to:
Steve Angello, Manny X Fernandez, Saadiya Murphy, Assata Washington, Deidra Cooper, HB Reid, Joe Brown, T-Stop Camera Rental, Bwgtbld, European Buck Sessions


Direction: Kouhei Nakama (http://kouheinakama.com/)
Music: " Hella" by Broke For Free (http://brokeforfree.com/)

RUST Starring Harry Bryant

Harry Bryant - “One of Stab’s great hopes for the future of surfing”.

"Rust" captures team-rider Harry Bryant's first experience rifling the Fijian reef pass, Cloudbreak.

The film includes footage of his catlike jumps down at Byron Bay and his local Thirroul, mongoose-speed barrels at freight train Cloudbreak as well as a dose of classic Harry humour.

Head over to Stab.com to read the full article.

Return to High Chaparral

Last year, we visited a theme park celebrating America’s mythic Wild West in wintery Sweden that became a welcoming home for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. As strange as that sounds, this was a pretty good deal for about 500 people looking to start a new life. But with global political winds shifting toward isolationism, the Wild West response to a refugee crisis only lasts so long. We went back to see how the West was lost.

Captions available in English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, and Russian. Let us know if you've got a language you'd like to see.


An ode to a lost age of Internet love ????

Presented by Short of the Week: www.shortoftheweek.com/2017/05/22/lovestreams/


written, directed, and animated by SEAN BUCKELEW
music and sound design by SKILLBARD (www.skillbard.com)
background assistance JOSH SHAFFNER
effects animation BRIAN SMEE, CALEB WOOD
compression effects by JACK TURPIN
live action director of photography BRIAN SMEE


Flatpack Film Festival (April 4th-7th, 2017)
Cardiff Animation Nights (May 5th-7th, 2017)
Pictoplasma (May 10th-14th, 2017)
Rooftop Films (June 3rd, 2017)
Animafest Zagreb (June 5th-10th, 2017)
Palm Springs International ShortFest (June 20th-26th)
Anima Mundi (July 18th-23rd)
Animation Block Party (July 27th-30th, 2017)

Chocolate Mountain Metal

A New Yorker settles in the California desert near one of the largest active military bombing ranges in the States. The range supports a community of outlaws and anarchists who dare to scavenge the abandoned missile parts for recyclable metal.

A film by
Danielle Davis - https://vimeo.com/danielleldavis
Ryan Maxey - www.maxeyfishandsea.com

Zack Wright - www.zwrightsound.com

Sound Design
Danielle Davis

Ryan Maxey

Buchla Sounds
Andrew Felix

World Premiere AFI Docs 2016
Official Selection Marfa Film Festival 2016

Note to Self

Unfinished business is the worst and a couple things have consistently hovered over my conscience over the past few years. The first being a bundle of beautiful footage sitting unused on a hard drive (from a scrapped music video o' mine) - the second being the way I ended a rather delightful little summer rendezvous. Both contain content recorded during completely different chapters (even cities) of my life yet for some reason, when I connected the two, all felt right in the world and I'd even argue it was almost as if they were waiting on the other to be a complete(d) piece. That piece is now viewable in the form of a short titled “Note to Self."

All I will say as a disclaimer is that what it lacks in length I hope it makes up for in honesty, heart and vulnerability as it’s filled from start to finish with a good deal of mine.

Populous - Azulejos [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Azulejos" is a heartfelt tribute to Portugal.
Emanuele Kabu's illustrations reveal a personal view of Lisbon, disclosing the more mysterious, psychedelic and seductive side of the city. A kaleidoscopic journey through Barrio Alto's narrow lanes, hopping on and off the Alfama tram, sailing down the Tejo river and under the 25 de Abril bridge, all the way to the feet of the Cristo-Rei.
More details about the concept here:
First single from the upcoming album out on Wonderwheel Recording and La Tempesta Dischi

Purchase single on iTunes: https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/azulejos
Pre-Order 'Azulejos' LP/CD/Digital: https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/azulejos
Populous contacts:
Directed by Emanuele Kabu
Thanks to: Laura, Faye and Andrea.

Storytelling With Sound

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The Great Courses Plus is currently available to watch through a web browser to almost anyone in the world and optimized for the US market. The Great Courses Plus is currently working to both optimize the product globally and accept credit card payments globally.

Cinematic sound isn't limited to explosions, musical cues, or the Wilhelm scream. Let's take a few minutes and explore a more theoretical and storytelling-oriented approach to on-screen sound.

Interview w/Ben Burtt- see the Criterion edition of 'Modern Times'

Sources/Further Reading-
Composing in Sound and Image by Jonathan Rosenbaum - http://bit.ly/2h70G7h
Nightmare Alley: Do We Hear What He Hears? by David Bordwell - http://bit.ly/1MT5g0b

You can follow me through:
Twitter- twitter.com/andymsaladino
YouTube- youtube.com/c/theroyaloceanfilmsociety

Music by Chillhop: youtube.com/chillhopdotcom
Nothing But Luv by aso: soundcloud.com/aricogle/nothing-but-luv
Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/ChillhopSpotify

Coke Habit

The Summer after 10th grade Mike spent two solid weeks with horrible horrible migraines, dizziness, blind spots and tunnel vision—he didn’t know what it was… This is the story of his Coke Habit.

"Coke Habit" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/coke-habit

And check out the feature on Motionographer: http://motionographer.com/2017/05/17/coke-habit/


Produced and Directed by: Dress Code (dresscodeny.com)

Executive Producers: Dan Covert + Andre Andreev
Producer: Tara Rose Stromberg
Production Coordinator: Nick Stromberg

Art Director: Marcin Zeglinkski
Design: Maddie Edgar, Josh Parker, Mercy Lomelin, Marcin Zeglinski
Lead Animator: Marcin Zeglinski
Animation: Evan Anthony, Erika Bernetich, Yuval Haker, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Mercy Lomelin, Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Andy Mastrocinque, Josh Parker, Eddie Song

Music & Sound: YouTooCanWoo
Story by: Mike Cook, Dan Covert, Tyler Jensen, Marcin Zeglinski

Organa (Official video by Sabine Volkert)

From the album 'Emergence' out now
Buy 'Emergence' http://MaxCooper.lnk.to/Emergence
For more information about the Emergence project visit http://emergence.maxcooper.net
Follow on Spotify: https://MaxCooper.lnk.to/FollowOnSpotify

"For this chapter of the Emergence story I wanted to escape the computational and data-driven approaches often used in other parts of the project, and try something more humanised. I found an amazing artist called Sabine Volkert, who hand-draws every frame of her videos, which creates a very particular sort of feeling, and one that seemed to me to fit with the feeling of the music and of the concept involved - the tinkering of animal development via random mutation to create a rich variation of forms on which natural selection can act - the mechanism of Darwinian Evolution.

Sabine told this story with warping morphologies, exploring the range of animal structures we see around us. All of these different structures have many shared underlying principles, such as segmentation (units built around analogues of a spinal cord), modularity (organs as individual units), and bilateral symmetry (mirrored body structure to give directionality for senses). There are many more of these common principles shared amongst animal forms, which are coded for and created by shared molecular mechanisms like the genetic code and gene regulation, which guide the process of development to create each different animal.

Because of this mechanism of conserved systems and principles, random mutations in small regions of DNA can produce large scale, coordinated changes in bodily structure. It's evolution of evolvability - nature has set up system which is likely to produce a wide range of potentially viable, but different animals, as the best bet for survival in an unpredictable world." Max Cooper

"For Max' beautiful track Organa I grounded the video's visual concept and stylistic choices in its thematic background, while leaving a lot of room for experimentation throughout the entire process.

Following only a set of rules for the standalone animation chains and a rough overall structure, everything was pieced together gradually, evolving into the final compositions guided by the musical cues as everything unfolds over time." Sabine Volkert

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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” - Einstien

Producer: Jean Villiers
Line Producer: Francois Jaunet
Unit Location Manager: Benoit Demoucron
Assistant Unit Manager: Remi Brachet
Assistant Unit Manager: Anthony Cazet
Assistant Unit Manager: Stanislas Delardmelle
Director: Salomon Ligthelm
1st AD: Christophe Szegedi
2nd AD: Daniel Cox
DP: Zack Spiger
1st AC: Melodie Preel
2nd AC: Josephine Drouin
Gaffer: Baptiste Brousse
Gaffer Assistant: Emile Freeman
Art Director: Valerie Valero
Dresser: Corentin Harle
Dresser Assistant: Simon Pinelli
Make Up: Micka Arasco
Boom Operator: Toby Lewis Thomas
Editor: Nate Gross at Exile Edit

Sebastian: Yannick Mabille
James: James Dean Fischer
The Kid: Arthur Lemonier
Girlfriend: Gaia Orgaes
Gun Dealer: Giovanni Zam
Gang Member 1: STYLECEE
Gang Member 2: Ascrime
Gang Member 3: Luca Sellier
Gang Member 4: Bollecker David
Gang Member 5: Bryan Mudiaki
Gang Member 6: Badd Malo
The Kid's girlfriend: Louise Le Pape
Female bookie: Eva Muñoz
Sebastian's mistress: Estelle Clément
The Gun dealer's bodyguard: Oob Sad Bastard

Flat: Veronique Boisel
Boxing Room: Gymnase de la Plaine - Paris 15
Squat: Association Jarry've Revient
Photos: Eytan jan/Camille Wu/Niels 'Morph' Thon
Jarry: Rachel Mitchell/Ginot Marka/ Adonis Sawadogo
Decor: Valerie Fontaine
Appart: Gael Seguillon

Camera: Vantage
Light: TSF - Cine Lumiere
Vehicles: Logifilm
Grip: Cinestyl
Lab - Hiventy - Group Digimage
Weapon: Maratier
Film: Kodak

Inspired by the music of Young Fathers ('Bones' used in Teaser + 'Mr Martyr' used in Film)
Shot on Super 16mm

Dan Auerbach - "Waiting On A Song"

Director: Bryan Schlam
Producer: W. Ian Ross
Director Of Photography: Ben Carey
Field Producer: Ashley Boyd Jones
Colorist: Nicholas Metcalf
Sound Mix: Sebastian Apolinario
Stylist: Phoenix Johnson
Hair and Makeup: Stella Rose Paras

Tony Vogel
Hayley Orrantia
Kevin Slattery
Peter Stringer-Hye
Alec O’Connell
Cassandra Paras


John Prine
David Ferguson
Michael Heeney
Pat McLaughlin
Luke Dick

Thanks to Easy Eye Sound, Brickhouse Pictures, Las Bandas Be Brave, Hound Content

Special thanks to: John Christon, Tom Osborn, Matt Bizer, The Mill, Lora Criner

disillusionment of 10 point font

Animated on a smith corona galaxie deluxe typewriter.
Sound by One Thousand Birds (http://otbirds.com)

Fighting Cuba’s Boxing Ban

In Cuba, where women are banned from competitive boxing, a thirteen-year-old girl steps into the ring.

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Watch more videos at newyorker.com/video

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop

This three-minute teaser for a full-length animated feature is based on Dutch artist Martin Lodewijk's classic comics series Agent 327. The Blender Animation Studio is currently developing the story and seeks for funding to bring this adventurous comedy animation film to an international audience.

More information: http://agent327.com

Entirely made in Blender, released as Creative Commons for Blender Cloud subscribers.
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A Taste of New York

This is the third episode of our independent „A Taste of ...“ time lapse series.
In September 2016 we visited this awesome city to try out some new time lapse stuff.
It took us 10 days, a lot of burgers and one helicopter ride to produce this video. 10 days is very little time to discover this city of endless opportunities, so we hardly slept anything and shot day and night for this time lapse film. The city that never sleeps indeed!

The Taxishot:
Over the 10 days we took photos of yellow cabs whenever we had time to from as many different angles as possible. So we gathered 2000 (!) photos in total we had to sort afterwards and compile to a hyperlapse around a cab in post production. It took us 5 whole days in post production to get this one shot.

Technical Details:
In 10 days we shot 65.000 Photos taking up 2,6 TB of our hard drives. The final 3 minute video took 36h to render on the best equipped iMac available.

Other “A Taste of ...” Episodes:
A Taste of Vienna (2016) http://vimeo.com/156161909
A Taste of Austria (2015) http://vimeo.com/121649600

Video by:
Peter Jablonowski // Thomas Pöcksteiner // Lorenz Pritz

Sounddesign by Alex Clement

Equipment used:
+ Sony a7rII
+ Sony a6300
+ 2x Canon 6D
+ Canon 11-24mm F4
+ Canon 24-105mm F4
+ Tamron 150-600mm
+ Tamron 24-70mm F2,8
+ Zeiss 24-70mm F4
+ Emotimo Spectrum
+ Pocketslider
+ Edelkrone SliderPlus
+ Came TV Single
+ several tripods from Sachtler, Manfrotto and Togopod

Visit our website: http://filmspektakel.at
Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/FilmSpektakel
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/FilmSpektakel
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For licensing & inquires please contact us via email: info(at)filmspektakel.at
All shots are available in 5K or more!

Samyel - Allumette [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Allumette! A music video I've directed for the unbelievably talented and all round good dude, Sam Arnold.
A song ignited by lust and enveloped by the unknown, unsure if that someone wants you back…but by god you find them sexy?!

This was a project produced by Sam Arnold and Aran Quinn.

Allumette, a song by Sam Arnold http://www.breakingtunes.com/samyel
The song was recorded in Santa Cruz California, Produced with Jonathan de Roche, Mixed by Luke Vander Pol. Drums by Sam Halterman.

A music video directed and designed by Aran Quinn.

Animation by

Aran Quinn
Benjy Brooke www.benjybrooke.com
Greg Lee http://greghahnlee.com/

Mothers Day

A day in the life of a mom and her curious daughter.

Bayard & Me


Bayard & Me is a short doc about how the openly gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, best known for organizing the March on Washington and advising Martin Luther King, adopted his partner Walter Naegle in the 1980s for legal protections. In this intimate love story, Walter remembers Bayard and how they had to work around the system in an era when gay marriage was inconceivable. He also reflects on the little known phenomena of intergenerational gay adoption and its connection to the civil rights movement.

Matt Wolf is an award-winning filmmaker in New York. His film include Wild Combination about the avant-garde cellist and disco producer Arthur Russell and Teenage about the birth of youth culture. His most recent shorts include HBO’s It’s Me, Hilary and The Face of AIDS for TIME Magazine.

Super Deluxe is an omni-platform entertainment company committed to amplifying unconventional creative voices. With online video for social feeds, television series, documentaries, interactive live experiences, and consumer-facing tech products, Super Deluxe talks to a generation of insatiably curious viewers who grew up clutching smartphones. Super Deluxe is a division of Turner, but it operates independently in Downtown LA.

Director: Matt Wolf
Producer: Brendan Doyle
DP: Pete Sillen
Editor: Conor McBride
Produced by SuperDeluxe and C41 Media


15' / 16mm / 1.37:1

Fleeing the responsibilities of her relationship, a young Brooklyn woman retreats to her late grandmother's decaying house upstate, only to discover that some unexpected guests have moved in.

Written by: Lance Edmands & Sarah Tihany
Directed & Edited by: Lance Edmands
Starring: Sarah Tihany, Thomas Sullivan & Roderick Hill
Produced by: Craig Butta & Kyle Martin
Cinematography: Adam Newport Berra
Music & Sound Design: Mark Henry Phillips
Casting: Susan Shopmaker
Production Designer: April Lasky
Costume Designer: David Tabbert
Assistant Camera: Gregoire Albertini
Gaffer: Alexa Wolf
Key Grip: Rachel Kessler
Swing: Kenny Wu
Production Sound: Joe Cantor
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter @ The Mill
Titles: Teddy Blanks @ CHIPS
Production: Washington Square Films

© MMXVI Vacationland Media Corp. All rights reserved.

Fleet Foxes - Fool's Errand

A 35mm music film for Fleet Foxes new song Fool's Errand from the upcoming LP Crack-Up, due 6.16.17.

Watch the Making Of: https://vimeo.com/218853954
Watch the Animatic here: https://vimeo.com/218851194

Director: Sean Pecknold
Art Director & Production Design: Adi Goodrich
Creative Direction: Sing-Sing
Director of Photography: Zia Mohajerjasbi
Choreographer: Steven Reker
Wardrobe: Katrina Rumford
Hair & Makeup: Erin Walters
Executive Producer: Harry Calbom
Producer: Sarah Haber
Production Co.: Society
Special Thanks: Cinelab and Robert Houllahan

Starring: Jade-Lorna Sullivan
Dancers: Dominique Afflick, Teresa "Toogie" Barcelo Rachel Carlson, Ana Coto, Sarah Dirk, Reshma Gajjar, Bailey Hall, Leann Hillegas, Alyssa Juarez, Stacy Millard, Kelly Nakaso, Madeleine "Nellie" Salisbur

Wolf played by Suzie
Suzie's Trainer: Sara Taylor

Assistant Director: Mitchell D. Jones
Gaffer / Key Grip: Michael Helenek
Production Coordinator: Grant Kirkpatrick
1st AC: Bryant Lemelle
Loader: Lawrence Montemayor
Wardrobe Assistant: Yvonne Reddy
Makeup Assistant: Mika Caviola
PAs: Riley Donahue, Jake Torres, Paco Monge, Mad

Everything | Gameplay Film

Hey friends, this is my new project Everything, it's available now for PC, Mac, Linux & PS4. Thank you.

???? Steam [PC Mac Linux] ▶️ http://store.steampowered.com/app/582270
???? PlayStation 4 (NA) ▶️ http://play.st/everything
???? DRM free + Steam key ▶️ https://davidoreilly.itch.io/everything

More info - http://everything-game.com

Music © Ben Lukas Boysen 2017
Alan Watts recordings used with permission © Alan Watts 1973

find me @
http://davidoreilly.com / https://twitter.com/davidoreilly / instagram.com/davidoreilly / https://www.facebook.com/thedavidoreilly

In Crystal Skin

In Bogotá, Colombia, a charismatic eleven year old named Maria Alejandra struggles to maintain a normal childhood despite the limitations imposed by a rare skin disease. Conflict between mother and daughter arises when Maria refuses to attend school early one morning.

En Bogotá, Colombia, una carismática niña de 11 años llamada María Alejandra, tiene dificultades para vivir una infancia normal debido a una enfermedad rara de la piel. El conflicto entre madre e hija aumenta cuando María decide no ir al colegio una mañana.
Now available on DVD in feature and short versions as an educational tool, for more info please visit: incrystalskin.com/media/
Yuko's love for strawberries knows no bounds and she believes they will save the world????.

Watch the accompanying Mini Music Video we made for our original Strawberry Song!

Featuring - Yuko Okumura & Shohaku Okumura
Director - Yoko Okumura/ www.yokofilm.com
Producer - Christopher Ruiz
Cinematographer - Bennett Cerf/ www.bennettcerf.com
Animator - Isabelle Aspin/ www.isabelleaspin.tumblr.com
Sound Design - Sean Hines
Original Music - Polartropica/Ihui Wu & Alexander Noice/ www.polartropica.com
Mixing and mastering - C.M. Rodriguez
Title Design - Anna Watanabe

Made possible by the generous donation of all our strawberry friends!

The Sprinter Factory

These are the girls running as fast as they can to be Jamaica’s new sprint champions in a country obsessed with its athletes. This is the story of the Champs national youth athletics competition that could change their lives.

Okhalia, Alesha and Shellece have their sights set on being the next Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the adored sprinting champion famous across Jamaica. At their schools, St Jago, Edwin Allen and Wolmer's High, there is a huge focus on nurturing the most talented girls and preparing them for the Inter-Secondary Schools Boys and Girls Championships – better known as the Champs, the tournament where stars are made. Amid pressure from their schools and parents, not to mention themselves, can the girls triumph at Champs 2017?

Director: Isaac Solotaroff
Producer: Natasha Dack-Ojumu
Editors: Isaac Solotaroff and Noah Payne-Frank
Executive producers for the Guardian: Charlie Phillips and Lindsay Poulton

This video is produced in collaboration with the Sundance Institute Short Documentary Fund supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Good Crazy

A complex chick deals with a vanilla beau, a shitty brunch and a dead coyote all in a Los Angeles day. There’s batshit crazy and then there’s good crazy...she fits somewhere in between.

"Good Crazy" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/staff-pick-premiere-a-complex-chick-and-a-dead-coy

Snails & Botnek - Waffle House



The four horsemen. 4x4s. Four leafed clovers. Four letter words. Fourtified. Wade Simmons, Rémi Gauvin, Vaea Verbeeck, and Carson Storch take their new Altitudes to the four corners of the earth.


Presented by Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Directed by Liam Mullany
Produced by Brian Park
Featuring Wade Simmons, Rémi Gauvin, Vaea Verbeeck & Carson Storch
Filmed by Liam Mullany, Harrison Mendel & John Parkin
Edited by Liam Mullany
Colour by Sam Gilling
Post Production Sound by Keith White Audio
Original Music by Thinnen


SIGNAL (Viewable in 4k)

Directed by: Rupert Walker & Brandon Semenuk (Revel Co.)

DOP: Rupert Walker

Narrated by: Kris Vopnfjord

Written by: Kris Vopnfjord & Rupert Walker

Producer: Brandon Semenuk

Rider: Brandon Semenuk

Title Animation: Scott Waraniak

Sound Design: Keith White & Rupert Walker

Editor/Color: Rupert Walker

Photography: Brandon Semenuk & Rupert Walker

Special thanks to Clay Porter & John Reynolds

Song #1 - When All We Have Is This - Jacob Montague (The Music Bed)
Song #2 - Avril 14th - Aphex Twin
Song #3 - Turning Point - Generdyn (The Music Bed)

A Continuous Shape

We spent 3 weeks working alongside Anna Rubincam a contemporary stone carver working in London as she carved a portrait from start to finish.

Check out the showcase on @directorsnotes