Visual Studio 2013 breaks VirtualBox and VMWare due to Hyper-V conflict

I had this exact same issue and I had to use the below 'switch' (elevated command prompt - right click - run as admin, etc...)

After installing the preview with all its bells and whistles including Hyper-V for Windows Phone development(I think) I found that I got array of network errors and then the killer VT-x is not available.


This is due to the Hyper-V install in VS2013, since only one virtual controller can own the VT-x and Hyper-V is nested into Windows Hyper-V takes ownership and breaks VirtualBox.

So the solution, first you have to disable Hyper-V

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Now if you reboot you should be able to boot up VirtualMachine, now if you are thinking to yourself but what about if I want both, well simple you cant. You either go through this process of turning off and on, or you do what I suggest convert fully to Hyper-V.


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