You Can Get Windows Desktop on Chromebook via VMWare

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Google and VMware are teaming up to bring Windows to the search giant's Chromebook laptops. Chromebooks run on Google's Chrome OS and are only able to run Chrome apps. As a result, these machines aren't exactly optimized for a corporate setting. However, VMware is hoping to change that.

Speaking today at its annual VMware Partner Exchange, the company announced plans to provide businesses with secure, cloud access to Windows apps, data and desktops via Chromebooks. Chromebook users will be able to access their Windows apps, data and desktops using VMware's Blast HTML5 technology from a Web app on their Chromebook. Google reckons this solution will save businesses about $5,000 per computer compared to PC deployment using traditional PCs.

"Chromebooks are designed for the way people use computers today and are a secure, easy and cost-effective solution to help organizations embrace a new way of doing business," said Amit Singh, President of Google Enterprise. "Through our partnership with VMware, businesses can now capitalize on these advantages with access to legacy applications, data and desktops they need to keep employees productive."

This option is initially only going to be available as an 'on-premise service' and will be fully managed by VMware. Of course, with Chromebooks comes a need for trust in cloud computing, something companies like Google and Microsoft are working on. In fact, Microsoft's new CEO comes from the company's Cloud and Enterprise group. Perhaps this combined solution will help coax corporations towards the cloud.

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