The Growing Strength of Microsoft Azure

As this space continues to grow and grow and grow, and grow and grow and grow and grow...(well... you get the idea)...more and more folks are looking to move some of what they have internally to the "cloud" but they're not sure how to do it. How DO you evaluate the cloud services available today?

When I am asked about this (and I am from time to time) I tell them I take the simple approach:

- Linux stayed with Linux (VMWare) 
- Microsoft stayed with Microsoft (Hyper-V or/now Azure)

REALLY easy and things ran pretty much as if they were running in there native environment. 

So, if you are finding yourself in the same...mental procurement situation as a lot of folks are, I highly recommend starting simple.


Where all of the assumptions pointed to Amazon being the unstoppable force in public cloud computing, Microsoft has stepped up and shown those assumptions to be a thing of the past. The Microsoft Azure public cloud (formerly Windows Azure) is an increasingly powerful presence in public cloud infrastructure in general, and among its competitors.

With the recent move by Google to move towards a more aggressive pricing model, the only option that was left to Amazon and Microsoft was to respond in kind. This has been considered to be what many analysts are calling the “race to zero” on consumer cloud pricing.

The Growing Azure Portfolio

Microsoft has rebranded from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure for a rather obvious reason: Windows is no longer the major feature of the platform. The change was not just done in name only, as Microsoft is becoming an aggressive player in the cloud marketplace both in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) with their Office 365 offerings, and now in their IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform.

At the time of writing this, you can see that there are already a wide array of services to be able to deploy in the Azure management portal.

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