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Man... MS is busting some ASS on this!

Got this in the old email and I thought I would pass it along. It's about the pricing and "trial" conversion of the RemoteAPP running under Azure.

Ya know... in case you have nothing better to do this weekend.

As this space continues to grow and grow and grow, and grow and grow and grow and grow...(well... you get the idea)...more and more folks are looking to move some of what they have internally to the "cloud" but they're not sure how to do it. How DO you evaluate the cloud services available today?

All you Admin's out there who are using Azure, you might want to become aware of this.

Nice article and one some of you SMB should read especially if you are in the application business. 

Azure is about to hit the BIG TIME!

Straight-up SEXY!
Microsoft has rolled out a new custom schema extension capability for the Windows Azure Active Directory identity management service.

I will be reading this! 
General availability has sparked a great deal of excitement amidst the IT community as all the evaluation software is now available for download.

Folks... that's just, straight-up, sexy.
Microsoft has announced general availability of Windows Azure Web Sites and Mobile Service, accentuating the emphasis on development using the Azure cloud service.