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Only 10 percent of cloud apps are secure

This is something everyone who is thinking (or already has rolled...) about going to the "cloud" needs to take into account.

VMware, which built its reputation on server and application virtualization a decade ago, continues to become more and more focused on people and their mobile devices.

WinZip Moves To The Cloud!

This might actually save WinZip!
WinZip, makers of the file compression utility first launched in the early 90′s that still sees north of 30 million downloads per year, is today making a shift to the cloud. The company is launching ZipShare, a file zipping, management, encryption, and sharing service that works with the major online file hosting platforms.

A cloud OS network?

Boy I tell ya, this is a VERY good question!

No kidding! I was just chatting with Marcel and he sent this my way! 

This is pretty cool. Seriously, this is pretty cool.

I know more and more Admin's are looking at this as a way to alleviate some of the load, infrastructure cost, and support costs associated with supporting an active directory infrastructure so, this article might be worth a read for some of you. 

Hmmm... this was new to me. It looks like you can get just one APP from Adobe for 19.99. I thought it was an all or nothing.

Ya know, Windows Server 2012 really is the best of the MS Server line. I know, it's supposed to be but the things you can do with just ONE server client is pretty amazing!