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You probably know that the Linux Integration Services is a set of drivers that add quite a few important features to a few popular Linux distributions when run inside a virtual Hyper-V machine.

With more and more companies starting to replace a lot of systems with Virtual Systems (installs) I'm sure some of you will be interested in this.

Well... now we all know how to do it.

For those who do not know what this is, basically you can take a running virtual machine and 'move it' to another server without having to shut down the virtual machine prior to the move.

So, this FAQ shows you how to create a virtual switch for your Windows Hyper-V client. 

If you are new to using Hyper-V, then this is the article for you! 

Hmmm... this is terrific for backup and natural disaster pourposes! 

Hyper-V Replica for Disaster Recovery

Living in Texas at the bowling pin end of Tornado Alley, I’ve always been conscious of what would happen to my data should a disaster drop down from the sky. Before cloud-based backups, I did my own offsite backups by copying my Windows Home Server data to a large USB drive that I toted to my karate dojo and stored in a locked cabinet. Real businesses have more strict objectives, however. In the months of reconstruction taking place on the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, IT departments up and down the coast are thinking about disaster recovery. How can they provide some degree of business continuity the next time wind and water invades their company? If you’re using Hyper-V for server virtualization, Windows Server 2012 has a feature you should immediately have a good look at: Hyper-V Replica.