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I had this exact same issue and I had to use the below 'switch' (elevated command prompt - right click - run as admin, etc...)

Patch time!
VMware has released a slew of patches that fix vulnerabilities in a number of its products, including vCenter Server, vCenter Server Appliance, vSphere Update Manager, ESX and ESXi. Some of the flaws can lead to authentication bypass or denial of service on affected products.

So, it seems if you upgrade to Windows 8.1 and you have ANYTHING which uses memory or virtualized networks... you're in for a... treat? Sure... let's go with that.

Wow... talk about an update!
This is one of the reasons I have not upgraded yet.

With more and more companies starting to replace a lot of systems with Virtual Systems (installs) I'm sure some of you will be interested in this.

Well... now we all know how to do it.

So I put this up as we are getting close to the Windows 2012 R2 (and Windows 8.1 I might add) and thought some of you might want to get planning for the V2 machines. They are different and not a lot of OS's will be supported, up front, but that will change over time and with the the new additions in V2 some of you might want to being them up as soon as they are available. 

Hmmm... interesting to note that GEN2 VM''s are ONLY able to run certain x64 OS's. GEN1 VM's seem to be able to still run as they always have.

For those who do not know what this is, basically you can take a running virtual machine and 'move it' to another server without having to shut down the virtual machine prior to the move.

So, this FAQ shows you how to create a virtual switch for your Windows Hyper-V client. 

If you are new to using Hyper-V, then this is the article for you! 

Folks... that's just, straight-up, sexy.
Microsoft has announced general availability of Windows Azure Web Sites and Mobile Service, accentuating the emphasis on development using the Azure cloud service.

Hey, this is a popular deployment for virtual machines. Multiple instances can be run on one machine.