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When you have a piece of code in front of you and you know it's not where you need it to be then you delay. Smart Move my dear Microsoft. I think a lot of us are tired of RC code being released as production code.

I was reading twitter last night and came across a cool little trick I had no idea about.

Huh...might want to install this one if you are still running XP.

I put this up to remind you all to PATCH YOUR SYSTEMS! A Malware outbreak of epic proportions is on the loose and MS does have a patch for it. If you have not patched in last 30 days DO IT NOW! 

No kidding! Via PowerShell no less. I could really use this. 

Yeah, I have been reading about all the issues some folks have been having. I am personally waiting for a bit before I install it.

Download away!

I love how Microsoft is embracing Open Source with Windows 10. The Windows 10 Creators update expands this integration even further.

Honestly, I was wondering about that. Now I know and so do you. like the old "Service Packs". Nice.

Ruh-Roh. Sounds like I need to make sure the "lady" is enabled.

WOW! You better hurry up and upgrade! 

Welp, you all knew it was coming and's here.

Tomorrow, 4-11-17 is the day. The day you ALL have been waiting for. Yep, the Windows Creator Update will drop and your network will be saturated as the download makes its way to your hard drive.