Microsoft Indonesia president: Windows 9 will be free to Windows 8 owners

As it should be. I truly believe (if this is actually true here in North America) MS is doing the right thing.


Cause of all the Enterprises who have purchased Windows 8 and are not all that happy with it. MS does not want to go back to those customers and say: "Hey... Big-Ass Company... remember when you wrote us that HUGE check for all those licenses? Well...I need for you to do it again. Please... pretty please. Oh, and if you do... we'll give you a Start menu so your users know where the hell things are located. No REALLY! We out it back!"

Yeah... it needs to be free.

We already know quite a bit about Windows 9 (or whatever Microsoft decides to call it). Thanks to the president of Microsoft Indonesia, we might now know another detail about Microsoft’s upcoming OS—its price.

According to Indonesian news site (via BGR), Andreas Diantoro, the president of Microsoft Indonesia, confirms that Windows 9 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 8 users.

Why it matters: Users are becoming more accustomed to free operating system updates, given the fact that even major iOS, Android, and OS X updates are gratis. And after the negative reception Windows 8 received, Microsoft has some added incentive to earn back its users’ trust. With that in mind, Windows 9 is just as much a chance to change the tenor of discussion surrounding Windows as it is a new version of the OS.


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