How To Use the New Windows 10 Command Prompt!

Just so you all know, as soon as Windows 10 is released I will be installing it. This has the making of being the best OS Microsoft has produced since Windows 7. I kid you not! Stellar so far!

The Command Prompt has been a part of Windows since the very beginning, and remains one of the least changed components of the Windows operating system (PowerShell aside). Even the Windows 10 CTP command prompt, which you can see in Figure 1, looks remarkably like the Command Prompts found in much earlier versions of Windows.

As you look at the figure above, it would appear that nothing has really changed. However, Microsoft is making an effort to bring the Command Prompt up to date by giving it some new features. Before I show you these new features, I need to point out that this is a preview release, and the command prompt could potentially change prior to Windows 10 being released next year.

If you look at the figure above, you will notice a Command Prompt icon in the upper, left corner of the window. Right clicking on this icon reveals a shortcut menu, which you can see in Figure 2.

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