Windows Phone 10: A subtle change to Outlook with big implications

Outlook is a big deal and the changes coming to the Windows phone platform might make some of you really happy.

Microsoft had a day full of announcements and if you were not paying attention closely, you will have missed that they made changes to the way that applications work for Windows Phone. It's not a huge change, but one that deviates from the way things were done with Windows Phone 8.

That change? The way gestures work in the new Outlook app that handles all of your email on Windows Phone 10. Here's what's different, the Outlook app supports swiping from left to right and right to left to delete email or flag a message; this is how iOS mail app works along with other mail applications on other platforms.

This seems like an innocent change until you realize that in other Windows Phone apps, these gestures were regulated to advancing the carousel of the app which means that this app deviates from Microsoft's design structure. 

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