The Perfect Windows 10 Hardware May Not Exist Until v10.1

From what I have seen of Windows 10 Microsoft will make this work and work well.

Every major version of Windows had its iconic piece of hardware. Windows 95 had ever more creatively designed mini-towers. In Windows XP, the Windows Tablet became a focus though it likely was the ever thinner clamshell notebooks that really shined. Windows Vista was all over the map but you could argue that the all-in-one was its iconic piece of hardware. Windows 7 had the Intel-branded Ultrabook; a Windows spin on the MacBook Air. Windows 8 was supposed to showcase hybrids and convertibles but some really screwy marketing decisions would have you wonder if Microsoft loved or hated those form factors.

Windows 10 fixes the design problems of Windows 8 and should shine nicely with those hybrid and convertible products. But given that it is designed to span cell phones to desktop PCs, as well, I think it is hardware with that cell phone to PC range that will eventually be the showcase of this product. Intel and Microsoft may have a surprise up their sleeves because both have systems in the works that could define this product. 

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Last modified on Saturday, 14 February 2015 18:08

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