Microsoft to stop updating the original Windows 10 release after March 26 kidding. Guess you holdouts better upgrade. 

Windows 10 has changed quite a lot since its original release in July 2015. The November Update and Anniversary Update both introduced new features and major changes, making it a much better and more rounded OS.

But the problem with having different versions of what is essentially the same operating system is that supporting multiple branches isn’t feasible.

Microsoft has said previously that it will only update two Current Branch for Business versions of Windows 10 at a time, and come March 26 it will stop updating the original release, known as 1507.

Businesses that haven’t updated will still be able to continue to use Windows 10, they just won’t receive any updates. In order to continue to receive updates, companies will need to move to a newer version. Microsoft naturally recommends 1607, which is the Anniversary Update.

The end of updates doesn’t affect consumers because Windows 10’s mandatory update approach ensures that users are always running the most up to date version of the OS. 

Read all about it here.

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