The World Still Loves Windows XP 15 Years After Its Launch

It sure does. We STILL have some systems that require Windows XP due to the software it runs has no updates.

Now, of course, we are in the process of re-mediating that situation but it still takes time, effort, and of course money. 

NetMarketShare data reveals that in March 2017, Windows XP dropped approximately 1 percent from the previous month, but remained the third most popular desktop operating system in the world after Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Truth be told, the decline of Windows XP seems to happen at a faster pace these days, but this ancient operating system somehow sticks around despite the obvious risks of running a platform that no longer receives security updates from its vendor.

The evolution of Windows XP’s market share shows that even though it has already reached end of support, it remains the preferred choice for an important share of users, with some months even bringing a substantial increase in market share. 

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