Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 Version 1507 in May

WOW! You better hurry up and upgrade! 

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 version 1507 on May 9th. Users of the original version of Windows 10 (version 1507) should be aware that Microsoft is planning to support for the OS next month, likely because Windows 10 is designed as a service and updated features are released a few times per year.

Microsoft previously planned to end support for Windows 10 version 1507 this year on March 27th. The company didn’t offer any reason for this delay, but we assume it was because it wanted to notify users about “Windows as a service” and possibly give users time to upgrade to the Creators Update. 

Note: If you have no idea what version you are running follow these steps: 

Hit Windows+I to open Settings. In the Settings window, navigate to System > About. 

windows version how to 1 

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Last modified on Sunday, 16 April 2017 12:47

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