Microsoft Issues Surprise Windows XP Patch to Protect From State-Sponsored Hackers

Huh...might want to install this one if you are still running XP.

Microsoft has tried and tried, but it just can’t get away from Windows XP. In a way, Microsoft should be happy that it released an operating system so popular that it’s still running on millions of PCs more than 15 years after it was released. Microsoft sure isn’t happy that it still has to support XP, though. The company has just released another patch for the aged OS, more than three years after ending support. It turns out unpatched Windows XP is a target of state-sponsored hackers.

Microsoft began pulling back on Windows XP support in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2014 that security patches were halted. The company still offers custom XP support for organizations that need to keep running the OS and are willing to pay for it. These custom patches won’t add new features or technologies to XP, but they keep the platform from being a hacker’s playground. This month, Microsoft is rolling out a patch developed for custom support agreements on Windows XP and Vista, as well as all newer versions of the OS. 

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