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Unpatched Windows OS on the Rise

I put this up to remind you all to PATCH YOUR SYSTEMS! A Malware outbreak of epic proportions is on the loose and MS does have a patch for it. If you have not patched in last 30 days DO IT NOW! 

This is a Powershell script some of you might like to have.

Some very cool tricks here. I had no idea you could do some of the things this article shows you how to do.

Windows Does MAC! (humor)

I had no idea!

This is a good article on the "in's and out's" of the new MS Windows 10 Licensing for Home, Pro, and ENT. Small Business users will be particularly interested in this article.

Damn... this looks kinda cool.

You all knew it was coming! YES YOU DID!

Yeah... this is one of those areas a lot of Admin's think "eh.... I'll get to it... sometime...maybe..."