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Huh...might want to install this one if you are still running XP.

It sure does. We STILL have some systems that require Windows XP due to the software it runs has no updates.

Windows XP Service Pack 4 Unofficial 3.1b

Hmmm....some of you might be interested in this.

Well hell yes!
For those that are still operating the unsupported Windows XP, there's good news. While Microsoft may be done helping to keep your system safe, third-party antivirus software are pulling in some overtime to make sure your systems are still protected from online threats.

No S****!
Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April, but a simple registry hack lets users continue to get security updates.

Good old Bill... he did get what he wanted and that was a Windows System on every desk.

Oh, I'm sure some of you will want to know about this.

Just in case you have been under a rock...

Oh... you better watch out... you better not try... you better not install I'm telling you why... cyber criminals are coming to town!

**Sniff-Sniff** - XP is dead... it's like losing a cousin, ya know... the one you hated at times but still invited to dinner now and again.