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SO COOL! This guy puts a lot of time and effort into this map!

I think most of you know I am a HUGE NFL (American... sorry...) football fan and THIS has been the story of the Pre-Season.

We've already been busy writing about the most compelling matchups of the upcoming season. Now, we get to find out when the games will occur.

Damn... what happened to just good old football...

I'm putting this up as I know some of you will be interested to know how you can accomplish this WITHOUT being subscribers (shame on you...) to Direct TV and you happened to buy the Madden Football Game (25) this past August.

Thank the football gods!
This season, NFL fans have a much easier way to to track their favorite sport on the go. The NFL is unifying its mobile offerings under one standalone app.

Well, it's finally over! The 2013 draft is finally calming down and the 'who did the best articles' are starting to come out.

Well, I think he has to expect this to some extent. I mean... it was a BIG DEAL for a while and as one of the sports guys said on ESPN 'you think this is a tease? Wait until he get's to the Raiders! The Black Hole is going to destroy him!'