win 10 creators ud cornerNeed to get ready for the Windows 10 Creators update? - Click here!

This is one of those tools I can see myself using. I would LOVE to get secure boot working!

Mozilla (Firefox) does this and has for years. It's nice to see MS doing it also. Makes my job a LOT easier.

OpenSSH Windows Nearing Completion

No kidding! Via PowerShell no less. I could really use this. 

If you need these tools, you can now have them.

I received a new work laptop with Windows 10 installed and I missed the old Windows photo viewer.

I love how Microsoft is embracing Open Source with Windows 10. The Windows 10 Creators update expands this integration even further.

Honestly, I was wondering about that. Now I know and so do you. like the old "Service Packs". Nice.

WOW! You better hurry up and upgrade!